We as a church promote eight overarching values that will be continuously revisited and improved upon. These Core Values are Creativity, Intentionality, Diversity, Discipleship, Acceptance, Community, Service and Support.


We will utilize various progressive and cutting edge media types and worship experiences.


We will be committed to being loving, caring and compassionate in all of our interactions both in church and in our various forms of outreach.


We will be committed to becoming a multi-ethnic economically diverse church seeking to know God and to make Him known through the pursuit of unity.


We will be committed to following Jesus Christ in all areas of life.


We will be committed to accepting all people without prejudice or reservation, just as Jesus did.


We will be committed to building a caring and welcoming community.


We will be committed to demonstrating God’s love through acts of service.


We will be committed to supporting people regardless of circumstances with their life challenges.

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